Your weddings agenda

An agenda for you and your customers!

Weddings agenda The main feature of Wedding Tool PRO is the complete management of your everyday meetings, related to the wedding and organized in a monthly calendar.
You can set up a new item on the list involving a supplier from your database, in this way you’ll be able to arrange an appointment with a hairdresser, a photographer, a travel agency and so on! :)

When you combine the appointment with the groom or the bride (or both), they can view all details on their personal calendar within their account.

Weddings agenda
The information included for each appointment is:

  • - Wedding partner
  • - Appointment date and time
  • - Supplier involved and selected from your private database
  • - Customers involved (groom/bride)
  • - Description and notes shared with customers
  • - Location address
      (Supplier’s location or any different one)
  • - Expenses deducted from the budget of the wedding

Register an appointment on your agenda, share it with your customers, manage the status from your list and your calendar will automatically always be updated. It is also possible to edit your agenda at any time you need!

We are developing and improving this feature periodically in line with your feedback.
You will find new ways to manage your appointments allowing you to organize easily your daily planning!