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On this page you can find all answers we have prepared in order to explain how Wedding Tool Pro works.
If you need further information you can contact us at any moment, and we will be able to provide you with all information you need to use our software.


Wedding Tool Pro

Wedding Tool Pro is the new software manager for professional wedding planners. In one unique tool it is possible to organize weddings and plan all appointments in a monthly calendar, always available online on your account.
You can find all the features on this page.

You can use the tool with a licence reserved to you. There is no need to install any software on your computer, you can simply connect online and sign in the tool with the credentials we will send you via email.

Yes. On Wedding Tool Pro is compulsory to register the groom and the bride in order to create a new wedding to working on. After the registration the system will create a separate account for them, one for the groom, one for the bride. They can use the tool separately and you will join them using all data associated to their wedding and contact them via the "private messages" section.

Yes. The software is a web application with a responsive mode. In this way you can easily work on your desktop, laptop and tablet via Internet. If you are logged in with the laptop and in the same time you need to switch to the tablet, you’ll have to sign in again on your tablet for security reasons, so remember to save all data before switching.

Although the platform is optimized for desktop, laptop and tablet, you can use the tool on your phone as well. In few cases, however, we suggest you use the laptop instead, especially when you need to manage big data listed. The good news is that we are working on creating a mobile app for Android and iOS and you will work on your phone using the tool in an excellent condition.

Yes! It is our mission to provide an efficient service always updated.
You can take advantage of all new features or upgrades of existing features. In some cases, regarding important updates we might contact you in advance before including these on your tool. In doing so, you can decide to activate the upgrade or not. If you activate the new features you don't need to do anything, we will install these for you.
You will receive an email (and a notice on your tool) when the update is completed and ready to use.

As Wedding Tool PRO is a web application it is not possible to use the tool without Internet. As soon as possible we will provide an app for Android and iOS and in doing so, you will work using essential features of the tool even when you are not online. We will contact you when the app will be ready to use.


Wedding Tool Pro is sold with a licence reserved to you. When we activate the service, the tool will be installed on our server and you will receive an email with the link to connect to the tool and start working.

It depends on your which plan you wish to use.
You can choose to purchase the licence for 30 days only or you can activate our special long-term packages. In this way you’ll be able to use the tool from 4 months up to 13 months (with 1 free month included) and then to decide whether or not to continue using the tool and buying another special package.

Yes! Contact us at any time you need and let us know what you’d like to include on your tool. We will then confirm if the feature you need can be added. If so, we will try to realize it quickly, however it could take a considerable amount of time before a specific new feature is ready to be added. The good news is that you will not pay any extra for new features throughout the duration your licence.

Except for the standard no-memory plan all other plans include the backup of data saved on your tool.
This means that we can keep your database up to 6 months from the expiration date.
If you decide to renew the licence you will find all information saved at the time your licence expired.
If you decide not to renew the licence anymore you have 6 months after the licence is ended to ask us an export of your important data (customers, suppliers, weddings, appointments) in an excel format.
If your licence was a plan "standard no-memory" you have only 1 day after the licence is expired to ask us an export of your data saved on the tool.


Yes. When you register your customers, their information will be saved on your personal database and you’ll be able to view and edit all details at any time needed.
You can remove customers if you haven't created a wedding associated to them. Likewise, you can register your favourite suppliers on your database and refer to them when placing an appointment at their location (or even at a different location).

You can edit your time zone on your profile and set up a different time zone for your customers (groom and bride) as well. In this way you’ll have the possibility to view different time zones on your calendar appointments, the local time zone and your time zone. When you need to register a new appointment, it is important to set up the local time zone of the location.

No. They can use the tool in order to view all the management of their wedding, such as the expenses, the budget available, the shared documents and the guests list. In addition, they can check the next appointments booked for them on their agenda.

Yes. When you are logged in with your account you will find the "private messages" section and you can send and receive messages from groom and bride and easily get in touch with them! In additional, a reminder will remember you that you have received new messages unread.

Yes. The tool include the "remarks" plugin, a new feature that allow you to save links, notes or new ideas about weddings and it is also possible to associate each remark to a specific wedding you are working on. In this way you will find it quickly on your remarks private list.


When you order the plan "standard no-memory" you can use the tool and save data with a licence for 30 days only. At the end of the licence we can keep your data previously saved on the tool for 1 day.
You can decide to purchase a new licence of this plan for others 30 days. If the plan renewal will be activated within 1 day from the expiration of the previous licence, you will find all data saved, otherwise the tool will be empty, and you’ll be able to restart using it with new data. This plan is suitable for a short period (typically up to 2-3 weddings to organize) while you might not need to keep all information saved on the tool after the licence will be expired.

With the "memory" plan after the licence is expired, we can keep all data saved on the tool up to 6 months of inactivity. In this way you can purchase a licence "memory" for 30 days and reactivate this within 6 months with all information previously saved. The "memory" plan is included in our monthly plan and in our special packages as well. This plan is suitable for all wedding planners who need to use the tool for a long period keeping all data of their work.

With our monthly plans (memory and no-memory) you can use the tool with a licence for 30 days and then you can renew your licence with another plan.
With our special packages you can use the tool with a licence from 4 months up to 13 months. All our packages include one free month, it is indeed very convenient to choose these plans for a long period.

When you purchase a new plan, we need to reserve a new space on our server for your tool. This include the installation of database, a new domain for you and the main configuration of your account on the tool. These operations take up to 24 hours to be fully completed. In some payments this includes the cost of the payment processed on the PayPal platform as well. In our monthly plans the activation service is free of charge.

Yes, this is our priority! We will work to solve any issues and customize the tool in order to improve our service dedicated to your business and meet all your special requests.


You can buy a licence of Wedding Tool Pro directly online on this page. After choosing the right plan for you, then you can request the service and proceed to the payment of your plan. All payments are managed on PayPal, a secure service that enables you to pay with your credit card or debit card easily and quickly.
You can register an account with PayPal for free (it could be used for the next renewals) or choose to pay every time without opening a PayPal account. After the payment on PayPal we will complete the process for you and your tool will be ready for you to use!

The currencies available are EUR, USD or GBP. If you use a credit card associated with a different currency, PayPal will show you the conversion rate at the time of the transaction. If you choose the credit card association currency conversion, your card issuer will determine the foreign exchange rate to apply to the transaction.

There is no fee using PayPal.
You only pay the plan you have chosen during the checkout.

To process the payment, we accept these credit cards:

  • - Maestro
  • - Mastercard
  • - Visa
  • - Visa debit
  • - Visa Electron
  • - American Express
  • - Discover

If you have a PayPal account, you can log in and choose to pay via your bank account associated to it or the balance of your PayPal account.

As you need to enter credit info, billing information are likely required for card verification purposes. However, if you have a PayPal account you can avoid inserting these details on each payment process.

No. At the end of your licence you could decide not to use the tool for a while or to renew with another plan or to choose a different period than your previous licence. For these reasons you are free to decide at any time how to manage your work using our service.

Before the expiration of your current licence we will email you including a link to activate the renewal of the licence.
You can confirm your current plan or choose another plan or a different special package and then you’ll be able to process the payment using PayPal. After the payment we will activate the service for you and you will receive a confirmation email when the tool will be ready to use.

Yes, but the activation is free of charge in our monthly plans. For special packages the charge depends of which package (and duration) you wish to activate. The charge is included at the moment of the renewal as well, except on our monthly plans for which the activation service is free of charge.

No. New features and updates are included in all our plans! We might get in touch with you in advance regarding important updates to let you know which new features we could provide for you and then you can choose which ones you wish to install on your tool. The installation of new features and updates are free of charge throughout the duration your licence.

No. At the moment the payment for your work by your customers is outside the tool. However, we are planning to develop a new feature for the payment built into the tool, including a complete management of invoices, following the rules of your Country. We will let you know as soon as this feature will be available.


You can find how we process your data on this page

When you register a new customer (groom or bride) on the tool with your account, if the customer is a resident of European Union you need to print the document you will find in the application form and upload it signed from the customer.
You just need to follow these few steps:

  • - print the document before registering a new customer
  • - send the document to the customer asking to send it back signed
  • - register the customer on the tool and upload the document signed

This is a compulsory procedure in order to respect the conditions of GDPR privacy for all residents in the European Union. As the account for the customers is individual, you need to print 2 copies of the document, one for the groom, one for the bride.

If your plan was a "no-memory" plan we keep all information saved on our database for 1 day after your licence is expired. If your plan was a "memory" plan we keep all data saved for 6 months after your licence is ended. However, if your licence is expired you can ask us at any time to remove all data from our database and we will process your request within 24 hours.